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Benjamin davis sr

benjamin davis srBenjamin O. Davis, Sr., soldier who became the first black general in the U.S. Army. After serving as a volunteer in the Spanish-American War (), Benjamin. Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., was born in Washington, D.C., on July 1, He entered the military service on July 13, , during the War with.

How many members are there of the U. He rose to sergeant major within two years and earned a commission as a second lieutenant in In the benjamin davis sr four decades he served here Liberia and the Philippines and benjamin davis sr military science at the Tuskegee Institute and at Wilberforce University.

Benjamin davis sr

All of his duty assignments were designed to avoid a situation in benjamin davis sr Davis might be put in command of just click for source troops or officers.

He rose slowly through the ranks, benjamin davis sr the first black colonel in the army in benjamin davis sr In he was promoted to brigadier general by President Franklin D.

After commanding the 2nd Cavalry Division inhe was assigned to the office of benjamin davis sr inspector general of the army.

Benjamin davis sr

During World War II benjamin davis sr headed a special unit charged with safeguarding the status and morale of black soldiers in the army, and he served in the European theatre as a benjamin davis sr adviser benjamin davis sr race relations.

He retired in after 50 years of service.

Benjamin davis sr

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Benjamin davis sr

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