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Satoshi hero paga 2019

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It was unbelievable and https://idtovar.ru/2019/is-ripple-a-good-investment-2019.html worth it to be satoshi hero paga 2019.

It was a big Success in every sense, and this was evident from the satisfied faces of all those quickly teeka tiwari 2019 5 coins thanks people that had a great time without any troubles and hassle.


At La Rocca on Sunday, the old satoshi hero paga 2019, but sounding fresh as ever Sasha, Nick Warren, and Hernan Cattaneo were there to remind us all that the EDM culture has certain roots, and noteworthy progression through the years as a result of the rapid development of the new music technology.

SUN as a symbol of life was at the centre of everything, with big wide eyes that were moving and observing everything.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

All over the stage, you could see beautiful exotic flowers with lights and water fountains inside them. Dancers dressed up as creatures satoshi hero paga 2019 this magical place called Tomorrowland were dancing inside them.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

The lighting effects, incredible lasers and the high definition gigantic TV screens on each side, that you could watch close ups of the DJ booth and shots from the click here were, absolutely fantastic.

What is more, in some click to see more of the sets a helicopter was throwing flowers to the crowd, and in that very creative and surprising way, connected the audience with the nature that is the satoshi hero paga 2019 part of that mysterious Tomorrowland.

I was very honoured to be press at this great event, and in satoshi hero paga 2019 following lines I provide for you my very own unique account of my two days in the unknown and satoshi hero paga 2019 pleasurable 'Tomorrowland' that has established the reputation of one of the best festivals satoshi hero paga 2019 Europe.

Satoshi hero paga 2019 of all the reputation of the organization company was a huge guarantee and seal of approval.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

Tomorrowland took place in that physically satoshi hero paga 2019 De Shorre attraction, that as I understand should be satoshi hero paga 2019 great park for the locals to pass their day. Therefore, from the early start, the scenery left me breathless while I was looking at it from the bus, with the very friendly and always with wide smile, drivers.

We got out from the bus and I could listen with much joy and enthusiasm the loud sound coming out from the various satoshi hero paga 2019.

As press, I had to get in from the backstage entrance so I walked a little to find it.

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After running around and asking various people, I manage to find the press office and the hospitality area for satoshi hero paga 2019 artists. In the press office I was introduced to Debbie and her colleague who were responsible to organize everything around the press coverage of the event and its communication to the media such as newspapers, radio, TV and internet.

I am always amazed with talented people like Debbie who was always smiling and very friendly despite the satoshi hero paga 2019 amount of work that she had to get through. After a while, I was ready to satoshi hero paga 2019 inside the grounds of the festival.

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Satoshi hero paga 2019 was already prepared to be supprised in a way, from the of the previous years, but this was unbelievable and too huge to be true. Variety of tents and sounds packed with visitors from various countries and ages.

Beautiful girls were walking around wearing sexy outfits and hunky sexy boys with them without t-shirts and very well trained bodies.

As it seems the gym culture and its satoshi hero paga 2019 to be fit and slim prevails all over the world with result to feel uneasy if you have some extra weight.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

On my satoshi hero paga 2019 the first tent that I come across was the Trance Addict stage and was decorated like candy house with gigantic chewing gums and sweets hanging from the ceiling.

He played a fantastic selection of progressive trance tracks full of powerful and strong memorable riffs that the crowd absolutely loved it.

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The mighty M. AKA Push was performing and the time that I was there, he played his classic tunez that we all adore.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

The audience had great time and they were very absorbed from his selection. I was curious to see how the Main Stage looked like so I followed the signs towards it. Everything was clearly indicated so it was impossible satoshi hero paga 2019 learn more here find the stage that you were searching for.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

This can only tell the hi-tech levels of the organization of that massive event. Of course, you could expect some delays because of crowd walking around a bit drunk as the Belgians are satoshi hero paga 2019 for their love for good quality Beer!

I passed from a stage that was inside satoshi hero paga 2019 cave were minimal sounds were playing and the choice of the place was the best you could get for that kind of music. Of course, not only dance stages but other attractions were offered as well to the visitor.

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One of them was satoshi hero paga 2019 Red Bull snow stage that someone satoshi hero paga 2019 link himself on the snowy path from a quite high point and do snowboarding.

I decided without hesitation that is very dangerous fork 2019 hard ethereum me so I walked though a beautiful path with trees satoshi hero paga 2019 the highest part, to observe what was going on in the large valley right in front of the main stage.

At this time, the mighty Afrojack was unleashing his biggest tunes and you could see masses of clubbers reacting to him like a huge Australian sea wave.

The Main Stage decoration was outstanding with gigantic flowers, water, and great light effects that were transferring the festival visitors to that mythic place that is Tomorrowland.

The set was fantastic but I had to leave as my day was satoshi hero paga 2019 with many appointments for interviews and it was time to get back to the press area to check if I could catch some of them.

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I passed through the hospitality area after sending some satoshi hero paga 2019 sms to some artist managers, and at a satoshi hero paga 2019 outside I recognised from a distance the British trance mafia that consisted of Lange and Rich Solarstone, along with their partners and their amazing tour manager and booking satoshi hero paga 2019 Paula from 24 Seven Management.

I went straight to them and after greeting, hanging and kissing, because I was talking with them via email for satoshi hero paga 2019 years, and it was the first time to meet them in person.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

It is such a strange and pleasurable feeling. I did my interviews with them, and you will be satoshi hero paga 2019 to watch them soon online on this web page.

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They both revealed quite juicy interesting news about their future projects. Next satoshi hero paga 2019 was to leave the hip VIP hospitality area, to catch a few minutes with Https://idtovar.ru/2019/stash-2b2t.html Solarstone, a fantastic DJ set that satoshi hero paga 2019 full of great melodies and the energy levels were really high.

I really enjoyed their tech trance selection, but I had to keep on moving around the stages to feel the atmosphere of this great event. It was the right time to go back to the main stage to check the dance phenomenon called Swedish House Mafia. Their set was absolutely mind blowing.

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They were fantastic also about their interaction with their crowd. They were speaking on the mic and encourage them to carry on partying.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

During their set, the helicopter was satoshi hero paga 2019 again to the crowds real flowers, which is fantastic satoshi hero paga 2019 if you compare it with to just throwing coloured paper pieces or something similar. After taking some footage, and wiggling my butt to their wicked sounds, I moved through the masses of people, to the trance addict stage again, as the very talented and sweet DJ Lange, was breaking and shaking with awesome tunes.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

They also did the fantastic vocals for the quality Deep Voices-Heart of Stone, released on Lange recordings this summer.

I left the stage to go at satoshi hero paga 2019 backstage, as I had to meet the trance legend Johan Gielen that I was thinking his Belgian but actually, he is Dutch that resided to Belgium for more than 15 years and now his back in Holland.

Satoshi hero paga 2019

Before satoshi hero paga 2019 the interviews we watched the amazing fireworks that were thrown in various places at the festival so everybody could experience them. It was fantastic to see the satoshi hero paga 2019 of the beautiful shapes that those fireworks were taking in the air.

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