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Bfgminer github

bfgminer githubBFGMiner: St. Barbara's Faithfully Glorified Mining Initiative Naturally Exceeding Rivals. or Basically a Freaking Good Miner. This is a multi-threaded multi-pool. Modular ASIC/FPGA miner written in C, featuring overclocking, monitoring, fan speed control and remote interface capabilities. - luke-jr/bfgminer.

Bfgminer github

So but because the bfgminer github had something to do with "llvm. So I removed that by manually unrolling it. And indeed it gets a little further.

Bfgminer github

With pyrit like in bug I get the same error, so Bfgminer github think it is required? With bfgminer github after r clang is incompatible with llvm master-testing-si and with a few revisions I tried before there is a segfault?

So either I'll wait until Tom Stellart updates or Click here bfgminer github later whether upstream merges well with this since it's "only" two weeks behind.

However, you will probably still see the error from comment 3.

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I need a test case in order to commit this patch. This is with bfgminer github llvm That patch is small enough to apply it to master without conflicts, so Bfgminer github can test whether it fixes this problem bfgminer github.

Comment 5 darkbasic UTC It doesn't crash for me but it doesn't work bfgminer github all: bfgminer version 3.

BFGMiner on Mac Setup Guide for Bitcoin Users + ASIC Miner Setup - Bitcoin Weekly Show

Error -1! Because I see nothing Does bfgminer do anything with the patch, or bfgminer github it declare the GPU sick?


Threshold to something smaller, like I hope it's not a problem that llvm bfgminer github built from a newer revision than clang.

For bfgminer github reason, every line in the logfile is printed twice. Could you try and capture a new log?

Bfgminer github

Bfgminer github 17 Christoph Haag UTC Created attachment [details] bfgminer github with patches from the pyrit bug Sorry, about the double bfgminer github, I bfgminer github know why it does that. Maybe it's because it's some ncurses link interface.

It looks like it's bfgminer github running now with all your patches.


Try latest git, or at least a maintained version 3. Now this is what I get. I guess it's not bad for that it is bfgminer github first time it works without crashing. I'm getting about Close this bug because it does indeed run or keep it open for performance issues?

Have you verified bfgminer github scrypt actually works?

List of OpenCL applications

Do you ever get any accepted shares? If it does work, you can close this bug and open another for the performance issues.

How To Mine Bitcoins Using BFGMiner

I've fixed some bugs recently bfgminer github may help. Comment 29 darkbasic UTC I will try, but I have to upgrade my stack first because I switched to fglrx. This bfgminer github to be entirely controlled by the --intensity parameter.

But I bfgminer github it run for about an hour and bfgminer didn't seem to create a single usable result again.

Moonlander 2 Setup Linux

Runtime: 0 hrs : 52 mins : 51 secs Average bfgminer github 0. Also, seems it pisses off the hardware really bad bfgminer github it finishes although I only have a and 6xxx for testing at the moment : [ However things are much worse when it comes to scrypt.

Bfgminer github

Some observations about open drivers stack so far: - If you set scrypt intensity too high, there is high risk GPU would bfgminer github up in fatal way and crash can happen on both 57xx and R9.

It would be much slower than other vector bfgminer github anyway, but still indication of some techmical problem lurking around. If I reduce intensity - error rate goes down.

Bfgminer github

But still no accepted blocks. This indicates computations are just going wrong.

Bfgminer github

Problem is that if ambient is warm, about C, 57xx cards can make really annoying 2020 bfgminer github pick em worlds. Heat can be reduced via intensity a bit but it works poorly and not really fine grained. Its possible to achieve bfgminer github Catalyst, but Catalyst really stinks and really I want to get rid of it.

Bfgminer github

One cause of bfgminer github bfgminer github bfgminer hogging the GPU, and X not being able to do anything.

I bfgminer github trying without an X server. For best results when not using an X server, enable render nodes in the kernel by adding drm.

Bfgminer github

I am on one of GPUs. But I'm talking about GPU lockups. When GPU crashes due to ring stall and driver have to bfgminer github it, its likely something else failing?

Bfgminer github

Somehow, attempts to run bfgminer --scrypt with high intensity often can provoke ring stalls. Cool, but At least in trial runs I link prefer to deal with my favorite terminal, adjusting intensity of GPU a bit.

Installing Kernel Drivers

Though thanks for render nodes hint - sounds like it can be really valuable thing to try on some headless bfgminer github, etc. Remaining GPUs are not detected. Fix is to either run bfgminer as root extremely unsafe!!! The user who installs Ubuntu is a member of "video" group, but "video" is his secondary group, which is very common.

Generally it means that user can't use more than 1 GPU unless bfgminer github is either bfgminer github very dangerous!


I believe it is a bug and I should file it? I guess I should file it as new bug? Is it bfgminer github issue or MESA, etc?

See bug You should report this to Ubuntu. Bfgminer github rendernodes should make both GPUs visible. What is the bfgminer github state of bfgminer on Clover?

Bfgminer github

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