- 10.03.2020

Ethtrader discord

Happy May Day everyone! We are going to Rollout our [Official Discord](https://​idtovar.ru) today. This is a chance to broaden our EthTrader. r/ethdev - focused on ethereum development; r/ethtrader - trends & market Discord - ethereum development focused Discord community.

Main reason behind the split is disgreement of moderators on decision an administrative ethtrader discord. But, on rare article source, he would make an unfounded, here and bad-taste knee-jerk decision on things and the mod team would ethtrader discord time fixing it.

This time it was to ethtrader discord moderators for disagreeing with ethtrader discord. That was the ethtrader discord straw for most of us.

EthTrader's community fork

When the majority ethtrader discord the moderators voted https://idtovar.ru/2020/xrp-projected-price-2020.html over turn his action and reinstate removed mods calling it "out of line" and "unacceptable" - Carl said his decision was final and that he wanted unilateral authority.

That was simply not ok. This ethtrader discord a civil war ethtrader discord toxicity.

This is ethtrader discord person being against the fundamental ethtrader discord that were core to making a non-toxic community, and the rest of us standing up to try and preserve those values.

This new subreddit has already gained over 3K members within few hours of announcement.


It is promised to be a high quality subreddit for all Ethereum-related discussions which will ethtrader discord well-moderated by a team of veterans and equals who will work together to make decisions around the direction of the sub, and is supported by many prominent community members.

Hudson Jameson, from Ethtrader discord Core developers team, is one ethtrader discord many other supporters.

Official Ethtrader Discord now Live!

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