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Lol worlds 2020 pick em

lol worlds 2020 pick emThe League of Legends World Championship is rapidly approaching—and so is this year's Pick'em. Following the play-in stage on Sept. The World Championship is coming to an end. Only four teams remain in the race for the Summoner's Cup. It's time for Worlds Pick'Em.

Only 8 Pick’em participants correctly predicted Worlds 2020

Just for locking in your picks in time, you already get some Blue and Orange Essence. After picking your final winner, you even get a Hextech chest and a key.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em

Source: lolesports. There are 5 tiers of rewards that lol worlds 2020 pick em increasingly difficult to achieve.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em

For each correct pick, you get points. The highest achievement you can reach is the Perfect Pick Prize.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em

Understandably, reaching that goal is rather unlikely. Here is an overview of all the tiers: These are the four regular reward tiers you can try to achieve.

LoL: Our Expert Predictions for the 2020 Worlds Semifinals

The better you guess, lol worlds 2020 pick em better your reward! Your chances of getting one depend lol worlds 2020 pick em the amount you watch and the action in game.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em

Here is a list of events that read more drops: Anytime in each stage that a Pentakill happens The first lol worlds 2020 pick em in a stage where the Dragon Soul is taken Anytime a series goes to game five Anytime a pro player gets over CS in a single game and then anytime a player after that beats the record that was just lol worlds 2020 pick em During the Opening Ceremony of Finals If a North American Team wins NA Fans Only During the third Ace achieved in each stage Loot will also be dropped for a few surprising moments, such as when a team is upset, a team is on lol worlds 2020 pick em just click for source, casters are going crazy over a massive play, and other meme-worthy moments.

For every drop you receive, you also lol worlds 2020 pick em an exclusive artwork.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em every completed mission, you get Blue Essence.

Worlds 2020 Pick Em Special Edition - YamatoCannon Worlds 2020 Content #worlds #lol #pickem

The missions are quite simple: Watch a certain amount of matches and get your reward. The first match you watch must be live. You can also get rewards for watching all the games.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em

If you watch the match on lolesports, you get 10 Worlds tokens. For go here information, visit lolesports.

Lol worlds 2020 pick em

Image source: Lol worlds 2020 pick em Games.

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