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Nexo dividend 2020

nexo dividend 2020The Third Nexo Dividend worth $6,, has now been This year, Nexo continued to pile accomplishments, overcoming 's many. It is our great pleasure to announce that the third Nexo dividend will be paid out to NEXO Token Holders on August 15, “Our operations have remained as.

Illustration from Freepik Leading cryptocurrency lending platform Nexo has just sent out its third dividend payment to token holders.

Did you hear that?

Nexo dividend 2020

Now, what will you do with your Third Nexo Dividend? WhenDividends NowDividends pic.

Nexo dividend 2020

Advertisement Unsurprisingly, the token price saw a correction following the successful payment, learn more here speculators had been accumulating the token in anticipation of the payout, with the clear intention to market sell immediately after that.

Nexo dividend 2020 so, the token has outperformed both the US dollar and Ethereum since nexo dividend 2020 initial launch, not even nexo dividend 2020 dividend 2020 dividends into consideration — meaning that unlike some short-term speculators who got burned by the instant price correction, nexo dividend 2020 long-term holders are probably more than happy with the outcome.

The massive dividend also served to dismantle some insolvency rumours surrounding the company, following its alleged connection to the Zeus Capital impersonators who sent spam emails spreading go here about Chainlink and urging crypto traders to short sell the token.

Nexo dividend 2020

As a reminder, the real Zeus Capital officially stated that the nexo dividend 2020 has nothing to do with the report, which itself has been debunked since. Nexo has also denied the allegations, but their official statement failed to acknowledge their publicly visible Chainlink loans from Aave initiated right around the time the false report was spread nexo dividend 2020, adding fuel to the rumours that they are nexo dividend 2020 in damage control mode.

nexo dividend 2020

Nexo dividend 2020

Given that Chainlink price surged following this drama, and practically all Chainlink short positions from that period have been liquidated, the perpetrators of the short and distort nexo dividend 2020 LINK clearly lost massive amounts of money. And whatever happened to the Chainlink tokens that Nexo borrowed from Aave, their massive increase nexo dividend 2020 net profits suggest that their business is doing better than ever, and nexo dividend 2020 appears out of the question.

Nexo dividend 2020

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