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Cmt cost meaning

What is Cut, Make, and Trim (CMT)?. Cut, Make, and Trim production is where an apparel factory takes your designs and produces them. With CMT purchasing, you decided which aspects of production you want to keep under your control, and which ones you'll want to outsource.

Tweet When looking cmt cost meaning a factory for your next project, you will have to do a lot of research. But what TYPE of factory should you be looking for?

CMT Meaning in Textile - What does CMT mean?

One of the first steps is to determine what you want the factory to do and how you want them to help with your production process.

There are a few ways suppliers can be organized, cmt cost meaning here are two main categories.

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These entrepreneurs and designer already know the material, stitching and tools but are looking to now produce larger quantities. These are factories will produce your product from start-to-finish.

CMT (Cut, Make, Trim)

They cut the fabric, sew cmt cost meaning, and attach the trimming such as hangtags, buttons, labels etc. Some CMT factories may cmt cost meaning some of the work, but typically they will manage the entire production process. However when it cmt cost meaning to product and business development, an FPP may be what you need.

FPP Full Package Production FPP is inevitably more expensive, but can be the right choice for a designer with little or no garment-making or pattern-cutting skills.

These manufacturers understand click cmt cost meaning see more clients may be undereducated in the manufacturing industry, and are willing to assist in every aspect of production.

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If you decided to go with a FPP manufacturer be prepared to have multiple consultations and iterations before your product can go into production.

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