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Paragon hf sec

paragon hf secPARAGON-HF trial presented in a Hot Line Session today at ESC Congress together with WCC. 01 Sep Topic(s). Heart Failure. Paris, France – 1​. Patients with heart failure and preserved ejection nal the results of a landmark trial, PARAGON-HF primary end point, we learn more from the sec-.

Secondary outcomes: NYHA class improvement: Symptom improvement was less in women than men.

Paragon hf sec

Association of sacubitril-valsartan initiation from HF hospitalization and benefit: Sacubitril-valsartan vs. There was less decline in renal function among the sacubitril-valsartan group.

Paragon hf sec

There was possible benefit for sacubitril-valsartan among those with EF in the lower range of eligibility.

One-half of enrolled subjects were women and paragon hf sec appeared to be treatment interaction according to sex.

Paragon hf sec

paragon hf sec NT-proBNP did not identify patients with greater benefit from sacubitril-valsartan. Sacubitril-valsartan was associated with a paragon hf sec of the primary outcome in women, but not in men.

However, women derived less symptom improvement from study medication.

Paragon hf sec

There was possible enhanced benefit when sacubitril-valsartan was initiated in close proximity to the paragon hf sec hospitalization event; however, this finding deserves prospective validation.

HFpEF patients were characterized by a high prevalence of left atrial enlargement, diastolic dysfunction, and pulmonary hypertension. Presented by Dr. J Am Coll Cardiol ; A Call for Deep Paragon hf sec.

Paragon hf sec

Circulation ;Nov [Epub ahead of print]. John J. Paragon hf sec Engl J Med ; Share via:.

Paragon hf sec

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